We Aren’t Complete People … Yet

We are partial: existing only in part; incomplete.
We are body, mind and consciousness.

As long as we don’t recognise consciousness, we will continue to live a limited, materialistic existence within certain boundaries.

Becoming aware of consciousness is the stepping stone to understanding our reality. It is through meditation and instruction that we realise that that which is aware of consciousness is consciousness itself, rather than the mind considering consciousness.

It is through consciousness that everything is known. It’s that important! Through experience, all ideas about consciousness simply fall apart. Those ideas are a comment on whatever is seen, which comes along a milli-moment later. Consciousness is the only thing that is important. If we do not recognise consciousness, we are merely reactive entities. Recognising consciousness, we become mindful of everything we do, say … and think. We upgrade as a person.

Realising our true nature doesn’t give us the right to do and say whatever we want, but we now take responsibility for the space we occupy. That entails generosity, compassion and wisdom. We recognise the boundaries of others. When we look, we see that we have been through every emotion that others go through – to some degree – so we can truly empathise with misunderstandings. 

The realisation of our true nature still isn’t the complete picture as there are remnants of partiality hanging around. The complete picture is now that those remnants simultaneously remind us of consciousness, and so we are one with seeing.

We are complete when we recognise that we aren’t complete.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

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