I Want Freedom from Myself

This is both possible and ridiculous.

Our self is consciousness that identifies with a collection of ideas that we call ‘I’. It is that identification which is ridiculous as this ‘I’ is a temporary arrangement of concepts. How can that be ‘us’?

So what is the ‘I’ that wants freedom? It is consciousness itself. The watching. Pure awareness that actually has no name and that is beyond that collection of thoughts.

Our self image isn’t aware; it’s just the contents of mind. Personally, my self is very limited and lacks education. It’s what consciousness has to live with, but that consciousness knows enough. To know all sorts of things is merely a distraction, an entertainment.

Once consciousness recognises this self, it realises that this self has no true existence. It’s just a vehicle, whether it’s clapped out or bright and shiny – and believing the vehicle to be real is ridiculous.

However, the self’s ridiculous reactions – and our identification with these – is our precious teacher. It constantly teaches us to ‘let go’. Until enlightenment, we will never be without this freeloader!

Through meditation, we realise that we are free of self only when we drop the meditation. We only meditate when we forget: once we remember, we drop the meditation again. If we know that we keep forgetting, this means that we keep remembering! How wonderful!

Meditation isn’t sitting on a designed cushion.
It is just being aware.
We can do that at any time, any where.

Don’t make a big deal out of meditation,
or it will cost you the earth.

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