Becoming Too Eclectic

If we wonder what the best approach is, but never settle on any particular one, we may be confusing ourself.

Settle and focus on one view, one system or one method that appeals. Really get into this; see how it feels, and how it relates to other systems. Find the main theme of a system and rest in that. It won’t hurt! If we become too eclectic, we may keep swapping one idea or dream for another.

All systems ultimately dwell in silence. That dwelling in silence is meditation. We only read or listen to inspire and keep us positive.

The summit is perfect understanding of all paths. There are many approaches leading up to this. Our journey is something we undertake, rather than something others have done. Because people do long retreats doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to; our retreat may be dealing with our emotions while living among other people, being a stable, town yogi. As such, we are maintaining inner peace in all this confusion.

The mind will run around in circles but ultimately, there is pure observation that is spontaneously present. We can call that whatever we want although, in reality, it can have no name. If we name it, we are back to relating, referring and fossilising it in duality dogma.

Find a quiet space at home, outside or maybe in a church – a place that is released from worldly vibrations. Rest in mental silence. Be aware of sitting and breathing. Be aware of the space you occupy. Become one with that space. See how that feels. Realise that oneness-of-space feeling is the summit of non-duality, and nothing else.

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