Is There A Universal Principle Watching Over Us?

It’s called karma, which is created by our attitude,
and shows us the way to enlightenment.

Karma is the result of previous actions and reactions; it is this that controls our motivations. Kind and unkind activities both create pleasant and unpleasant situations. We should not cling to either as that creates more karma. Good karma is favourable but has to viewed carefully, as we can fall into making all sorts of claims.

The moment before judgement starts is known as the yoga of one taste. It is, first and foremost, just experience – pure experience, pure consciousness. The decision about whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant comes a moment after. That is how the universal teacher – the symbolic teacher of all phenomena, karma – guides us. The quality of our existence is always in our own hands.

The universe doesn’t control what happens to us. We do. If we ignore the ice on our path, we will come under the law of gravity. The universal law of karma just sets our scene, and we can either stick to our script, or end the drama.

Whether we want to call the universal principle ‘God’ or ‘pure consciousness’ is up to us, but the work takes place within our own mind and heart.

The three pure, universal principles lie in the wisdom of
emptiness, compassion and consciousness.

The law of karma is created
when we ignore those three principles,
and they transform into desire, fear and indifference.

In this way, karma becomes our teacher,
and leads us back to the three pure principles.

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