Looking For Teaching Or For A Guru?

There is something within that is not satisfied:
is it looking for a personality, or for an understanding?

We look for the teaching when, in reality, we are the very essence of the teaching.
We look for a guru, when we are unsure about the essence of the teaching.

Are we attracted to the teaching or to the guru?
Devotion to the teacher is Bhakti yoga (guru yoga).
Devotion to the truth is Jnana yoga (wisdom).
‘Yoga’ means ‘union’.

Guru devotion becomes a cult, a culture, a lifestyle.
Wisdom is realisation in everything that we do.

It doesn’t matter what we do, it is the effect that counts.
Are we empathetic towards others,
or do we avoid and ignore them in favour of our cult?

The teaching tells us what we already know, but were unaware of.
The guru tells us that we are unaware, and that there are things we need to know.

Which one sets you free?

Know when spirituality turns political,
from teachings to an organised charity to support another’s culture.

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