Don’t Trust Anyone Who Mentions Vipassana!

There is enchantment and bewilderment in exotic words.

If we are dissatisfied with our life, we look for something more, something different. This is a bit of a trap, as we still end up following the followers. Certain ‘magical’ words are used during teachings, and we never know what they really mean. They do, however, keep the mystery going, and we keep going back just in case something might enlighten us … but it never happens 🙂

The truth is that the truth is not in the words.
It’s in pure experience.
The Buddha did say, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

Why use exotic words when the experience can be expressed in our own language? Actually, pure experience is beyond any description. People, being people, use these words to give special weight and authority to whatever they’re saying- so we do it as well! But do they know what they mean? And do we know what we mean?! What people say tells us so much about their actual practice.

The use of exotic words in any subject is meant to sound advanced, exotic, mysterious and special. “I do Vipassana meditation” … sorry to say this, but that sounds stupid as it indicates a lifestyle.

Don’t trust anyone who mentions,
“Oh, I did a Vipassana retreat”!

You did?!

Vipassana is merely, barely, being awareness of awareness, which is the reason it’s called insight meditation. It is insight as we are looking inward to awareness itself, rather than the physicality of watching the breath which, of course, has its own exotic name – Shiney or Shamata.

Don’t use exotic names to impress;
this only amplifies doubt and confusion.

Don’t trust the names;
trust the experience.

Know your own mind, in your own language.
It’s much simpler 🙂

This blog may sometimes use foreign terms so that people can link to traditional usage but, in personal practice, no words are necessary.

The next stage from awareness of awareness is the non-duality of pure consciousness.
Here we go:
Dzogchen = Mahamudra = Maha Ati = Zen = God consciousness … Non-duality … Tao … 😀

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