The Shock Of Realisation Is Almost Unbearable

Nine and a half billion people on this planet are unaware of their true reality, and so they’re not free. We just accept the status quo of following everyone else in our particular society. The blind following the blind. This is the illusion in which we live, and this same illusion becomes a delusion when it is maintained deliberately in order to limit our understanding. That should shock everyone, but it doesn’t. Why not? Because we’re too busy trying to impress others who are caught up in their delusion.

Now for the even bigger shock:

So-called meditation practitioners (and meditation is about personal freedom) are involved in corporate collusion. Mindfulness meditation in ‘business’ gets you to the top – above and beyond – to become god-like. Of course, mindfulness works as it focuses the mind, but mindfulness is just a reminder to let go – and they don’t! The cure becomes the disease.

Elements of Buddhist practice are incorporated into corporate ideals, maintaining confusion which is harmful. This corporate view feeds on unhappiness that keeps the business intact; unhappy people try to buy happiness. The problem is that meditation works. If you know human frailties, you also know how to utilise them. Knowledge is neutral, but how it is used depends on intent, for good or evil.

Presented with inner peace and efficiency, and being well-paid,
many fall by the wayside.

It is knowing where the path deviates that reminds us of choice.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

The Dharma is simple.
No one said it was easy.

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