Our Hidden Aspect

It is sometimes difficult to discuss ‘spirit’ or pure consciousness with others as this is something they have either not have considered, or have a vague idea about. Our spiritual aspect – pure consciousness – may seem hidden from us. It’s disturbing that most of us don’t bother to appreciate consciousness; we just walk around, doing ‘stuff’ when, in truth, our reality is consciousness itself.

On a street level, we don’t bother to notice consciousness.
On a conventional, conceptual level, we can all see that weare conscious and aware.
On a philosophical level, we can infer or theorise that consciousness has to be pure and uncontaminated in order to see clearly.
On a wisdom level, this pure clarity is realised directly as being what we are.
Until this moment, our essential nature is hidden or secret.

When consciousness is aware of consciousness,
we are no longer unconscious.

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