Transcending Traumas, Obscurations and Scars

Traumas are what happen to us. Obscurations are our holding on to those traumas. Traumas are troubling incidences that happened in the past, but they also pertain to a moment ago. Interestingly, it’s the bad things that stick with us, rather than the good things. These are life wounds, the karmic results we constantly pick at, keeping old wounds open.

We may reach a point in our spiritual development or intellectual understanding where we see the effect of a trauma and decide to drop it; being no longer bothered by it, the obscuration doesn’t have a hold on us – or rather, doesn’t seemto have a hold on us. This is where the scar comes in.

Until enlightenment, traumas leave scars – a closed wound, or a residue of a disturbance. If we can recognise this, then we can leave the scar to self-heal. The compassion aspect of this is that we can now empathise with others who feelthat they are still suffering. We may believe that we are suffering, but this is merely a scar, a memory: we suffer because we hold on the trauma, and may even cherish our suffering, or fear forgetting the past.

If we don’t recognise this scarring, we scratch at it and open the wound up again, repeating scenarios. The feeling of blame or guilt won’t heal anything; we have all done or said things in the past that caused harm in some way.

We are one huge illusory scar that can self heal if we leave it alone. If we believe we are only the body and mind, we will suffer, as anything physical or mental is temporary.

Trust in seeing, and never be traumatised again!
Never have the wool pulled over your eyes again!
As Tulku Urgyen stated, “We are free in the moment of seeing.”

Scars: get used to them.
It’s a sign of a warrior.


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