How Do We Get Out Of This Madness?

Or rather, how do we get out of our madness,
as we can do nothing about the madness of others?

Realise what is real, and what isn’t. If we don’t know the difference, we will remain rudderless in life, without any guidance mechanism.

‘Real’ is something constant that can never change.
‘Unreal’ is anything that isn’t constant, and therefore changes.

Consciousness, space and formulae never change.
(formula = procedure).

As we (consciousness) dwell in human bodies, we need to deal and play with the unreal in order to survive. Every thing is impermanent and in a state of flux, constantly changing from one formula to another. We say and do things in a dream-state of ideas that we exaggerate into a false reality.

Knowing this, we don’t need to overvalue or exaggerate that which is either pleasant or unpleasant by fixating on our views, believing them to be the ultimate reality. To be blunt, we will remain in a false identity until we realise the truth about our reality which is, first and foremost, pure consciousness.

We are actually living in a Solomon Asche experiment.
We copy others.
We conform.
Suggestion influences whatever we do and think.

The Asche experiment:
Actors are put into a set scene, and then react contrary to reality. The victim (the mark) copies the proceedings in order to fit in; so as not to feel out of place or embarrass anyone, they conform. Once that conformity is established, the actors can leave, while the victim continues to re-enact the same scenario for new victims to follow, without knowing why.

We all live life as victims
until we have the courage and confidence
to deal with the effects of our mind.

That’s our conundrum 😀

The madness will go on …
until we see the funny side – after getting angry –
and step out of our delicate, protective shell.

People are contagious! 😀

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