Why We Should Trust Our Self

Our self is an image that we have built up through the adoption of cultural ideas, and we believe this image to be what we are. In reality, it’s a false identity that transmits false news, picked up from our environment.

This newsagent is our guide and, as such, is also our teacher. Whenever it reacts, we are aware of it. So, who are we? Everything in the mind is displayed to consciousness; we are that consciousness.

Consciousness can either be obsessed with the guide – the reactionary-in-chief – or, through meditation, it can discover that this consciousness is enlightened.

Our self shows us everything we need to know – all the obsessions, doubts, confusions, dissatisfactions, frustrations that obscure plain, direct seeing of pure consciousness.

Nothing else and no one else will be with you, all the way! 😀

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